Incorporation of new members to the Network

After some months of work, we are very happy to announce the incorporation of 12 new members to the Network. They are Mohamed Ajouau (Free University Amsterdam), James Beckford (University of Warwick), Luís Bernardo (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin), Christophe Bertossi (Centre for Migrations and Citizenship, IFRI), Wendy Cadge (Brandeis University), Néstor Da Costa (Instituto Universitario CLAEH and Universidad Católica del Uruguay), Valeria Fabretti (University of Rome Tor Vergata), Panagiotis Pentaris (Goldsmiths, University of London), Stephen Pattison (University of Birmingham), Barbara Thériault (Université de Montréal), Per Petterson (Uppsala University and Karlstad University) and Andrew Todd (Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies, Cardiff University and St. Michael’s College). They come from various disciplines and universities/research institutions around the world and we are very glad to have them among us. Their participation in the Network will for sure be of great interest to all of us!

Coming soon: update of our Zotero collection and the publications section with the new members’ papers.

For more information about any of the members of the Network, please check the “Directory of researchers” and click on each picture. Below the picture you will then see a link to the “Personal website”.

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