Research Network

Welcome to the ‘Religion & Public Institutions’ Research Network.

This site offers a space for discussion, debate, networking, and information-sharing among the growing community of academics with an interest in research about religion in public institutions, including methodologies for its investigation.

Over the last 20 years, researchers have explored the increasing significance of religious identities and practices within prisons, hospitals, the military, educational institutions, leisure attractions, and so on. This growing academic community includes sociologists, lawyers, theologians, criminologists, and chaplains, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of research in this field.

By examining the contests and character of religion in public institutions, including the work of chaplains, a range of practical and intellectually challenging issues about religion in contemporary societies become apparent.  We hope that you will join this Network, and will derive benefit from scholarly exchanges about religion in public institutions today.

Dr. Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Cardiff University